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Институт «АСиА»

Федерального государственного автономного образовательного учреждения высшего образования «Крымский федеральный университет имени В. И. Вернадского»

ФГАОУ ВО «КФУ им. В.И. Вернадского»

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Department of Construction Technology, Organisation and Management


Crimean Federal University named after V.I. Vernadsky


Address: Simferopol, Kievskaya st., 181, rooms 316, 322

E-mail: oys-asa@mail.ru

Group the social network VK: https://vk.com/kafedra_tous

Head of Department:

Tsopa Natalya Vladimirovna

Dr. of Technical Science


Short information:

The basis of the Department of Construction Technology, Organisation and Management are the Department of Economics and Organization of Construction Production, established in 1973, and the Department of Technology and Mechanization of Construction Production, established in 1972.

May 13 2015, at a meeting of the Academic Council of the Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture, it was decided to merge the Department of Technology and Organization of Construction with the Department of Economics and Production Management to create a modern structural unit that is advanced in the study of technology, organization, and management of the construction of the Crimean Federal University. Natalya Vladimirovna Tsopa, Professor, Doctor of Economic Sciences, was elected as the Head of the Department of Construction Technology, Organisation and Management.

The department employs 2 professors, 7 associate professors, candidates of sciences, 2 senior teachers.

In 2015, according to the results of the department's participation in the competition K 1.1/2015/B1 "Development of new and modernization of existing educational bachelor's programs" within the framework of the Development Program of the CFU named after V.I. Vernadsky opened a new training profile in the direction 08.03.01 - Construction - "Expertise and property management" and a laboratory for interactive learning and modern computer technologies. The Department of Construction Technology, Organisation and Management is a graduate in the following areas:

Bachelor's degree: Specialty Construction 03.08.01, direction "Expertise and property management"

Master's degree: Specialty Construction 08.04.01., direction "Management of investment and construction activities"

The department has opened a postgraduate course to train personnel of the highest scientific category in the specialty Engineering and technology of construction 06.08.01, direction "Technology of construction organization". Postgraduate students are supervised by leading professors and associate professors of the department.

The following disciplines are assigned to the Department of Construction Technology, Organisation and Management:

  1. Automated systems and complexes of estimate and financial calculations
  2. Introduction to the profession (Construction)
  3. GIS modeling of territorial development projects
  4. GIS modeling of development of territories
  5. Commercial real estate development
  6. Methods of technical exploitation of residential real estate
  7. Regulatory regulation and legal framework in professional activity
  8. Regulatory framework for professional activities
  9. Regulatory support for investment and construction activities
  10. Real estate operations
  11. Organization and management of the efficiency of investment and construction projects at the stages of the life cycle
  12. Organization, management, and optimization of production activities of enterprises of the construction industry and housing and communal services
  13. Fundamentals of cadastral accounting
  14. Fundamentals of Organization and Construction Management
  15. Production Basics
  16. Fundamentals of forensic construction and technical expertise
  17. Fundamentals of construction management and organization
  18. Property appraisal
  19. Assessment of the economic efficiency of an investment project
  20. Project management (in professional activity)
  21. Resource-saving in the life cycle of construction projects
  22. Estimated engineering and examination of design estimates
  23. Modern innovative technologies in the construction industry
  24. Modern approaches to construction management
  25. Modern technologies for the modernization and restoration of building objects
  26. Real estate insurance and financing
  27. Feasibility studies of projects
  28. The technical expertise of buildings and structures
  29. Technical maintenance of buildings and maintenance of real estate objects
  30. Construction technology of buildings and structures
  31. The technology of construction, repair, and reconstruction of buildings and structures
  32. Technology and organization of work on environmental engineering and water use
  33. Construction process technology
  34. Property management
  35. Project management in MS Project environment
  36. Management of production and technological activities of a construction organization
  37. Pricing and estimated rationing in construction
  38. Environmental assessment
  39. Real estate economics
  40. Industry economics

Research activities:

The main directions of the scientific and technical activities of the department are: "Resource-saving development of technologies for the construction and restoration of civil buildings, taking into account the specifics of the Crimean region" and "Management of investment and construction activities based on innovative energy-efficient technologies." Since 2017, the department has held the International Student Construction Forum annually to test the results of scientific research of students, masters, graduate students, and young scientists. The results of the forum are published in the RSCI (Russian Science Citation Index). At present, scientific schools have been formed at the department under Professor Tsopa N.V. "Management of the development of the investment and construction complex" and Professor Shalenny V.T. "Technology and organization of industrial and civil construction".

Every year, teachers, graduate students, and masters of the department are published in domestic and international journals. (RSCI, Higher Attestation Commission, Scopus, Web of Science)